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"Combine Roger Waters and Neil Peart, add acid and Red Bull and you might touch the surface." -Aric Queen, Shanghaiist.

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Jet Echo is an alternative rock band that formed in Seoul, South Korea  and quickly became expat favorites. This true bass and drum experimental trance group with lashings of punk rock energy formed in 2003 emerging from the ashes of Korean psychedelic rock band “Bi Haeng Sun”. Mixing African rhythms with heavily delayed and effects-laden bass and guitar became their signature sound that's like no other. In addition, with songs over the recommended three-minute mark Jet Echo quickly garnered a reputation for being in a league of their own in the Korean Underground music scene.  Soon after a local expat promoter brought in John Peels favorites “ Melt Banana” insisting Jet Echo play support as few bands can stand up to their immense sounds.


Jet Echo went on hiatus and reformed in Portland, Oregon in 2016. They are currently working on a new album to be released soon.


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